A truly futuristic company

We believe that everyone deserves access to find the right person for the right job, which is why we at ti scout are applying our 20+ years of domain experience to research and develop our innovative technology-based solutions to cater to the needs of recruiters and job seekers. With our footprint across US, Germany, and India we look forward to pioneering our vision towards custom-built solutions suitable to your requirements.

ti scout didn’t just build futuristic software; we built a team of the future too. The future is now, that’s why our team is made of individuals from all over the world, who bring their unique skillsets and experiences to the table. We truly believe that’s what makes us great and we want the same for you.

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We believe in the power of people

We, as people thrive when we do work we love at a place we love. ti scout, is the ultimate team building tool that helps you harness the power of human intelligence and passion. Our mission was to build an ATS that empowers and emboldens the companies of the future to take on challenges head-on.