Customer Story

ti scout offers the IT and SaaS world, the best in hiring software!


Lower cost has allowed L-Spark to continue to grow to serving more communities WITHOUT adding HR or Payroll staff


Reduction in transactional processes


Accuracy in aligning employee performance with corporate goals

Product Used

ti scout

It's your turn. How will you benefit ti scout?


Combining invaluable insider knowledge of the needs of the industry with cutting edge AI, ti scout is the best ATS L-Spark has ever used.

With its Intelligent match feature, We don’t have to worry about filtering through candidates that don’t match our requirements. The hiring process is much easier and shorter now. The fact that our team can store, send and view all the relevant files and documentation in one place is amazing. The integrated dashboard is my favorite part about ti scout.

Moreover, for people like me who like to get to know the people we are interviewing as people and not just as a candidate, the chat and universal comments section is incredibly useful. As a HR professional who has been in the field for over a decade, I highly recommend that you use ti scout. It is by far the most innovative, comprehensive and efficient ATS I’ve come across.

We would not have wanted to convert to a new Human Capital Management System without ti scout in the mix. They have in-house experts that know the system and helped to shepherd us through the process.

Lily Andersons

HR Director, L-Sparks