Frequently Asked Questions

What is ti scout?

ti scout is an AI based applicant tracking system & recruitment software with inbuilt IVR to streamline and automate recruitment workflow. We focus on user experience and team collaboration with complete tracking and reporting including global locations. ti scout provides a platform which bridge the gap between candidates, recruitment consultants, companies, colleges and freelancers. ti scout automates complete recruitment process and act as a virtual recruiter.

What is an applicant tracking system?

An applicant tracking system streamlines recruitment process where you can track every recruiting stage of an applicant from applying on the job to onboarding. ATS are used to automate the recruitment process where the matching profiles are shortlisted by the system and their entire history is stored.

Is my data secure with ti scout?

Yes , Secured and safe data are one of our foundations. Security is a must when working with valuable and sensitive information. We are using the latest encryption technologies to secure the data. All communication between your users and our application is over 256-bit SSL encryption. All of our user passwords are securely hashed and are never stored in plaintext.

Can I retain the data if I upgrade my trial account?

Yes, Your data is secured and can be retained if you upgrade trial account. However, the data in trial accounts is saved for 60 days.

What level of support do you offer?

We offer 24*7 support to our customers

Can I change my plan at any time?

Yes, we give the flexibility to change plans as per your convenience

Have any more questions?

You can contact us by mailing us on